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Kid Studio [September 19 - October 24] - 15% OFF
Ages 3 - 7 This is a course geared toward the artist in every child. Combining art history and art making, we will build their skills and confidence in looking at, talking about, and making art. We will combine exploring and discussing fine art from cultures around the world and making our own projects inspired by what we see. We will learn the basic elements of art - line, color, shape, etc - and apply these early art concepts with what the young artists see and make. In this fun, supportive, and adventurous class, children will experiment with many mediums they may not be familiar with yet, from making shadow puppets, to en plein air drawing, to even learning about abstract art! This class helps young learners develop fine motor, critical thinking and spatial reasoning skills. Use promo code 15%OFF at checkout!
Expires: Sep. 18th, 2017

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