Denver Botanic Gardens

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Denver Botanic Gardens

Postby Sunny on Mon Sep 01, 2008 6:00 am

Denver Botanic Gardens

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The Gardens' dynamic, 23-acre urban oasis in the heart of the city offers unforgettable opportunities to flourish with unique garden experiences for the whole family, as well as world-class education and plant-conservation programs. Explore the Children’s Secret Path where kids can get their hands dirty in the soil station or learn about musical instruments made from plants. Or, check out a Family Guide and enjoy fun activities and kid-friendly information about our gardens and plants. For more information, visit us online at or call 720-865-3500.
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Denver Botanic Gardens

Postby J&D's Mom on Sun Sep 21, 2008 1:36 pm

While my husband and older son went to Elitch's for the 100th (seems like it anyway) time today, I invited a friend and her 3 year old son along to explore the Botanic Gardens. We went to the York Street location and checked out the Children's Secret Path first. Somehow I had missed this great little area on previous visits.

What a great area for kids! There are plants to smell and touch. Plus a soil station complete with shovels and rakes so the kids can dig to their heart's content. We had to practically drag the boys away from this area and they were covered in dirt from head to toe. But hey, that's what baths are for! The alligator drum and giant amandinda (think giant wooden xylophone) were also a lot of fun for the kids. There was a giant tree with draping branches and benches underneath that made for a great tree house. And the boy loved going through the tunnel made of vines. One of the coolest areas was the kaleidoscope, that looked at a bowl of flowering succulents, the images of the flowers comprised the base of the kaleidoscope views. Hard to describe but very, very cool...check it out!

We weren't sure how much of the rest of the gardens would hold the boys' attention so we decided to play it by ear. They loved the waterways area with the fountains or "waterfalls" as the kids called them. They liked climbing all the steps to the top of Anna's lookout and getting a bird's eye view of the gardens. We followed the kids as they ambled down the various paths and stone steps.

The kind lady at the admisssions desk told us about the grassy amphitheater-like area and said to feel free to let the kids roll down it. The boys preferred to run to the bottom and back up again but they still had fun. And burned off a lot of energy.

After a couple hours, it was clear the kids were getting tired from all the walking and exploring. So we started making our way back to the entrance. Only to end up back on the Secret Path for one last time before leaving.

It was a great way to spend the last official day of summer! And as a bonus, we left with tired little boys ready for a nap. ;)

The Denver Botanic Gardens at York Street will be having free days on Sept. 27 and October 18th. Kids 3 and under are always free!
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Postby TRH on Tue Sep 30, 2008 11:08 am

We just spent two days last week at the Denver Botanic Gardens. We absolutely just love visiting the awe inspiring gardens.
The first day, my husband and I decided to go it alone. It was our Seventh Anniversary and we love the quiet time. The gardens open at 9:00, and in September, it is very quiet and peaceful at this time in the morning. We took photos of the two of us together and all the gardens and flowers we wish we had at our house! We walked slowly and absorbed the fall colors, the fresh air, and the quiet. It was a very romantic and lovely morning. Knowing we were to come back, we didn't feel the need to rush, nor to see every square foot.

Saturday, we returned with our two children, one two, one seventeen. I promised my daughter I would personally be in charge of her senior pictures. The Botanic Gardens is the perfect place for a backdrop! My two year old had a sensory blast! He couldn't get over the bees, which is histerical! He would stop at any given set of flowers and proudly state, "BEE!" then get as close to one as he could, with his nose, then BLOW! It was funny to watch, all the while thinking he's going to get stung! He never did. The kids section of the garden is perfect for his exploratory stage, allowing him to touch, tromp, listen and run all his little heart desires.
The huge building which shows off the stunning tropical gardens and koi ponds, was astounding to see. Since we usually visit the gardens in the heat of the summer, it was pleasant to find the temperature was quite comfortable. The colors of all the gardens were yellow, oranges, deep greens and purples. The whole day was enjoyable!

Oh yeah, and my daughter's photographs are stunning!
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