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City of Grand Junction Parks and Recreation

Postby mammajen on Tue Oct 21, 2008 11:29 am

The City of Grand Junction offers numerous classes and programs for kids through their Parks & Recreation guide. My daughters (age 4 and 3) and I was fortunate enough to attend a one-hour class entitled, “Egypt”. Here, we got to travel to Egypt and learn about their ancient culture. First, we got our passports and flew over to Africa. Then, we colored and strung a necklace worn by the ancient Egyptians, followed by coloring their sacred cats. Next, my girls saw how their names would have been written in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. Finally, we got our passport stamped and flew home. In-between, my kids played ball in the gym and ran out their excess energies which also served to keep each activity fresh. The staff was even kind enough to entertain my infant son with balls to chase while my girls participated in the activities.

Overall, it was a pleasant hour in which my kids learned a bit more about the world around them. This is just one of many classes for all ages that your kids can enjoy. From swimming to karate to dancing, and song, there is something for everyone in this program guide.

City of Grand Junction Parks and Recreation
Classes run continuously for all ages. Sign up through their office (located at 1340 Gunnison Avenue), phone (970-254-3866), or Internet (
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