Online birthday clubs: A special treat for your kids

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Online birthday clubs: A special treat for your kids

Postby Lyndabree on Wed Jul 09, 2008 6:34 pm

Birthdays are special for everyone but for kids they are almost magical. It's the one day each year that is just for them - and they want everyone to know it! Some businesses help your kids (and adults that like that little extra bit of attention) feel special on their big day by sending them a birthday card, coupon for a free gift, and even offer to make them "a big deal" by stopping in. For instance, Toys R Us will announce the child's name over the intercom and ask all the customers to clap or cheer as they walk by. And how does one know who the birthday child is? By the special hat (item may vary) that they are given at the customer service desk. They are also sent a coupon that can be redeemed at the store for money off on an item of their choice.

Many of the area fast food restaurants also provide a special treat for birthdays each year. For example, Sonic and Burger King send coupons for free kid's meals and Cold Stone Creamery offers a free ice cream. My kids love to stop in on their birthday to create their own sundae.

Most of these birthday clubs are found online but are usually advertised at the store. You provide minimal information and the coupons are usually sent via email and occasionally by the USPS. My kids love walking into these places, flashing their coupons with pride, and having the employees congratulate them on becoming another year older. For the few minutes it takes to provide your information, your kids will feel great for the whole day. Oh, the perks of being young! :D
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Re: Online birthday clubs: A special treat for your kids

Postby AMJNBJ on Fri Sep 05, 2008 4:43 pm

Baskin Robbins also has a birthday club - you and your entire family can sign up in one easy email! They also send discount coupons for ice cream cakes via your email address.
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