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Backyard Adventures of Colorado

Postby ceece on Mon Jun 29, 2009 9:38 pm

I had the pleasure of visiting the Backyard Adventures of Colorado store on South Logan Street the other day, and I must say that I was impressed! Not only was the merchandise fantastic, but the customer service was top-notch.

Backyard Adventures offers swing sets, trampolines and custom-designed children's beds. Attention to detail is a top priority for this family owned and operated company! They strive to accommodate every budget and every size yard, they can customize their products to fit your needs, and they pride themselves on being your one stop shopping headquarters!

Swing Sets
Have a difficult yard but want to put in a swing set? Contact Backyard Adventures! Need special accommodations? Contact Backyard Adventures! Want the best for your backyard? Contact Backyard Adventures!

Backyard Adventures is well established as one of the oldest and largest nationwide retailers of exceptional quality redwood swing sets for kids of all ages! They will do everything from landscaping your play area to providing the rubber mulch to keep your kids safe while playing on their new swingset! In addition, preventative maintenance is included!

* Expert sales associates will help you select the right equipment for your yard.
* Professional Installation Teams will ensure a proper and safe installation.
* Backyard Adventures offers continued service throughout the life of your purchase (even assisting in moving the equipment if you should need to).


Backyard Adventures offers the AlleyOop Sports line of trampolines, which combines superior quality throughout with the most advanced safety engineering to create the world’s best backyard trampoline systems. This is a huge improvement in safety and play performance over conventional trampolines, and my kids absolutely loved it!

* The most advanced safety engineering available in trampolines.
* DoubleBounce™ System is 50% more forgiving than ordinary trampolines and includes a "Shock Absorption Zone".
* Includes Backyard Adventures' exclusive patented Triple-Fail-Safe™ Enclosure System.
* Trampolines boast an adjustable bounce performance (system can be optimized as your family grows).
* Frame Pad ("resting zone") is thick, and made up of gym-quality crosslinked PE, closed cell foam with a reinforced, 21-ounce PVC outer covering.
* Heavy-Duty frame is made from pre-galvanized steel that is 1.9 inches in diameter with deep forest green powder coating that blends beautifully with landscaping, and has a lifetime warranty.

Children's Beds
Both of my kids (ages 4 and 8) loved the Fairy Tales to Fire Trucks beds in the Backyard Adventures showroom...they both begged for one to be delivered to our house! Not only are these beds fun to sleep in and play on, they are quality at its finest.

* Each piece is hand crafted and can be custom painted just for you.
* Flush-mounted nickel plate hardware is used to ensure ultra safe construction.
* Bunk beds are built to a height that is very convenient for adults, and safer for kids! The lower bunk sits directly on the floor, and the top bunk sits at just over 4 feet. Easy for changing sheets, too!
* Backyard Adventures will buy back your Fairy Tales to Fire Trucks furniture for up to 50% of your purchase price...if that doesn't give you an indication as to the quality of this furniture, I don't know what will!

Check out Backyard Adventures' website for more information...and contact them now for your FREE backyard evaluation.

Backyard Adventures of Colorado
A family company...with family in mind.
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