Elitch Gardens Theme Park & Island Kingdom Water Park

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Re: Elitch Gardens Theme Park & Island Kingdom Water Park

Postby AMJNBJ on Fri Jul 31, 2009 8:31 am

We decided to go to Elitchs on a weekday to avoid the crowds and long lines. It ended up being overcast and perfect day for the park. We didn’t go to the water park since it was a bit cold – but we enjoyed the rides with short lines the entire day.

The Kiddie ride section was a big hit. It was the first time for our youngest at 2 ½. We had hoped our 10 year old could go on some of the rides until the little one got use to riding – but unfortunately he was too tall by an inch and most ride operators would not let him accompany his brother. Its nice they have two different play areas to burn off some energy in the event there were long lines. My youngest enjoyed the Bob the Builder show – from a distance!

The larger old fashion rides were a hit with our family. My kids were intimidated with the fancy roller coasters –so we stuck to the Spider, Swings and Spinning Cup rides. I was pleasantly surprised my 5 year old enjoyed these the best. There were a variety of shows available that day - the seals and a Survior show - but my kids wanted to stick to the rides. This would have been a good options if it had rained though.

I recommend purchasing the large refillable soda cups for the visit. Refills are only $1 and you can use the cup the entire season.

You can also bring a picnic to save on expenses – my friend set up their camping table out by their car and had lunch/dinner then returned to the park. Just make sure you get your hand stamped. You are not allowed to bring into the park your own food or drink other than a sealed water bottle.

We snacked our way through the park, played a few games and rode the day away.
We ended our day with the Ferris Wheel ride – and had to be kicked out of the park at closing!

We had a great time and we’ll be back!
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